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*Health benefits*


Due to the extremely high levels of minerals required for a healthy life, this wonderful healing mineral water is the world's richest in magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most important elements in many biochemical processes of the human body. Donat MG is a unique mineral healing water, containing 13 g of dry matter per litre, 1000 mg of which is magnesium.


On account of its chemical composition, physical properties, balneological knowledge and medical findings, Donat Mg is used for both therapeutic and preventive purposes.


The effect of the mineral water Donat Mg on the human body is versatile, because it:


  • helps with stomach and bile problems,
  • has an excellent purgative effect,
    reduces the possibility of the formation of kidney stones,
    controls muscle cramps,
    does not raise the blood pressure even if drunk in large quantities,
    prevents disturbance of the heart rhythm,
    improves the body's metabolism,
    compensates for a lack of magnesium which can occur due to an incorrect diet, smoking, stress or sport,
    relaxes and soothes,
    helps prevent osteoporosis.


All of this and many other qualities distinguish Donat MG from Rogaška Slatina as a natural and unique mineral water.


For UK: Hearty Living Limited, Sole distributor of Donat Mg for UK and Northern Ireland



Source: http://www.heartyliving.co.uk